The First Near Meme Collection. 6,000 uniquely generated shits NFTs.

Shit happens, but you don't leave

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Mint Price

NEAR 5,00

All shit stored by decentralized storage. The Mint will be available on March 20.

Investors &


- drop and contests for 200 rare nft dedicated to certain events and collections among holders
- shit makes your investments grow - nft as growth fertilizer to get new nft, participation in the WL of other communities and distribution within the community for holders of a certain amount of nft (a certain combination of nft, gives the right to take part in the drawing or distribution of both nft of other projects, and guaranteed participation in WL of other projects)
- merch for holders guaranteed
- sticker packs and unique avatars for social networks and communities
- meme community where everyone has fun


The Mint


Shit Happens will only be sold on Near. For a fair distribution, multiple sale rounds will be held for the NFT participants.

Discord party


Our private Shit-only discord channels has officially opened up to the our fans!

The secondary market


Access to secondary markets (Paras and others). Minimum commissions for trading.



Collaborations with others projects and the introduction of combining our collection with others.

Exclusive merch


Our community will be provided with an exclusive merch! This amount is limited for the true owners and supporters of the community. The more shit you have, the cooler the sword! The winners will receive them printed on a T-shirt, sweater, cry or keychain.

Drops and activity


Conducting drops for various events, contests, activities with prizes.

To be continued ..


Future roadmap updates

NFT x Collectibles

The great collection of shit

You watch how the NFT market brings millions to someone other than you, you think what to choose from the whole variety, do not suffer with the choice - take a poop! Or maybe you don’t consider this market understandable at all, buy something understandable - a poop! If you think this whole market is a stupid game, show your attitude - buy poop!

Meet Our Team




What makes a poop unique?

Of course it's a poop! Mint is obtained randomly, and guarantees the non-repeatability of the work of art.What kind of poop you come across is a mystery even for us, everyone has a chance to get a unique creation.Poop can be exchanged, sold and donated. You can get poop for yourself or for your friend.The offer is valid only on our website during the mint, do not miss the opportunity.


- сollect a unique collection of understandable things from an incomprehensible market
- express your emotions -make an unforgettable emotion to your friends, send nft to a wallet
- polar events for nft holders in the form of drops of event collections (New Year, Halloween and others)
- participation in pre-sales and promotions to promote our future projects, and projects of partners
- access to the marketplace for the purpose of further resale of nft -collaborations and bonuses from future partners
Our collection is released only on the Near blockchain, it includes various unique characters
1. you need to create a wallet in the Near network. For example here -
2. buy Near coins on the exchange. It is better to buy with a margin of 10-15% on the network commission. For example here -
3. Next, you need to withdraw coins from the exchange to your wallet, which you just registered.
4. when the coins are in your wallet, go to the Get nft page and mint nft for yourself to your wallet, or go to the send nft page and mint and send nft to your friend to his Near wallet!
You can check our roadmap.
You will be able to sell your oil on Paras, Mintbase, and possibly other marketplaces, with lower commissions.
Maximum per 1 transaction - 5 nft. But you can make as many transactions as you want. So there are no account limits.

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